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Winter sunset

Winter sunset As the light of the day fades, on dry cloud less days i often look at the horizon to see the orange tinge of the setting sun. I remember, as a child finishing our Sunday afternoon walk on the Nervi promenade near my hometown in Genoa, and seeing the sun “fallling”in the sea. … Read More

Lockdown art

Lockdown art Back in March when the Covid restrictions were starting and the world was panicking, I froze. A sense of uncertainty and fear pervaded me and I could not concentrate on making art or reading or growing in any way. I slowly started moving again, helped by a wonderful coach and the beautiful spring … Read More

Beauty in our daily lives

Beauty in our daily lives  I started my ceramics training with the first object one is offered as a guest, the cup. My desire to share and to offer something from the heart to my friends and family was my initial motivation. I progressed to infuse my ceramic objects with my cultural and personal history, … Read More

Packing for long journey

I have been busy lately making a big order for Xidibyu an online company in Shanghai. As usual the production was a bit stressful as the numbers of pots ready and in the making  kept moving. I never new if I had done them all until I actually lined all of them up on the … Read More


It has a been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, I have not been away, but in a rethinking and expanding period. Already during university my colleagues and I noticed that familiar themes return in our practice cyclically but always at a higher more enriched level every time. I discover that I … Read More

Creative journey

Sometimes disappointing results are the impulse to change something in our practice. Recently with a kiln change and a few ceramics accidents I had to review my making and my objects. I have an effect I like in my glazes that really excites me whenever it happens but the number of discarded items is too … Read More

Shimmering surf

In these winter’s afternoons in which it is dark at 4 pm and the sun always never shows itself, I find it difficult to work in my damp shed. I always find that this part of the year is a useful thinking space, on where to take my work next year. I am trying a … Read More

Old friends

Have you ever opened a drawer in the old bedroom you used to live in as a child and found some letters you exchanged with friends you had when growing up? The cringing feeling of seeing yourself through the decades and not recognizing the same person… did I really say those things, did I really … Read More

Setting up a new stand

It is always a bit stressful arriving at my empty stand and deciding how to display my work. Between shows my storage is my very kind neighbour’s garage. I don’t know how I would manage without: I already have three sheds in the garden completely full of boxes and pots, I could not keep also … Read More