• Winter sunset December 9, 2020 - Winter sunset As the light of the day fades, on dry cloud less days i often look at the horizon to see the orange tinge of the setting sun. I remember, as a child finishing our Sunday afternoon walk on the Nervi promenade near my hometown in Genoa, and seeing the sun “fallling”in the sea. … Read More
  • Lockdown art November 14, 2020 - Lockdown art Back in March when the Covid restrictions were starting and the world was panicking, I froze. A sense of uncertainty and fear pervaded me and I could not concentrate on making art or reading or growing in any way. I slowly started moving again, helped by a wonderful coach and the beautiful spring … Read More
  • Beauty in our daily lives November 5, 2020 - Beauty in our daily lives  I started my ceramics training with the first object one is offered as a guest, the cup. My desire to share and to offer something from the heart to my friends and family was my initial motivation. I progressed to infuse my ceramic objects with my cultural and personal history, … Read More
  • Flowers September 29, 2016 - I have not written for a while, and it could mean that my creative journey has paused, on the contrary! I have been very active but inside my mind and mainly drawing sketching and painting in watercolours, journaling my life in my sketchbook everyday. At the back of my mind I am trying to understand … Read More