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Packing for long journey

I have been busy lately making a big order for Xidibyu an online company in Shanghai. As usual the production was a bit stressful as the numbers of pots ready and in the making  kept moving. I never new if I had done them all until I actually lined all of them up on the … Read More


It has a been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, I have not been away, but in a rethinking and expanding period. Already during university my colleagues and I noticed that familiar themes return in our practice cyclically but always at a higher more enriched level every time. I discover that I … Read More

Creative journey

Sometimes disappointing results are the impulse to change something in our practice. Recently with a kiln change and a few ceramics accidents I had to review my making and my objects. I have an effect I like in my glazes that really excites me whenever it happens but the number of discarded items is too … Read More

Shimmering surf

In these winter’s afternoons in which it is dark at 4 pm and the sun always never shows itself, I find it difficult to work in my damp shed. I always find that this part of the year is a useful thinking space, on where to take my work next year. I am trying a … Read More

Old friends

Have you ever opened a drawer in the old bedroom you used to live in as a child and found some letters you exchanged with friends you had when growing up? The cringing feeling of seeing yourself through the decades and not recognizing the same person… did I really say those things, did I really … Read More

Setting up a new stand

It is always a bit stressful arriving at my empty stand and deciding how to display my work. Between shows my storage is my very kind neighbour’s garage. I don’t know how I would manage without: I already have three sheds in the garden completely full of boxes and pots, I could not keep also … Read More

Dinner is ready!

Ten years ago in my artistic statement I said that I would have liked one day to make a whole dinner set, in order to give my guests the food I prepare in the dishes I make. I have been working with this intent all this time and for a few years now. My family … Read More

New photoshoot

I had the opportunity to have my best bowls photographed professionally in a studio and the result is definitely better than my home attempts. Batool Showghi, was open to letting me try different lighting and shooting angles she listened to what I wanted to achieve and let me collaborate in the image taking. I have … Read More

Glass pool

I spent the last months enjoying the challenge of creating the glaze pool at the bottom of my bowls. If you are familiar with J.K. Rawling series of Harry Potter, the effect I am after is a bit like the “Pensive”, a cloud looking pool inside a bowl. The magic happens at high temperature in … Read More