• Upcoming Events August 23, 2018 - Group exhibition “Kind of Blue” at the Barbican Library 3-29th May 2019 Celebrating Ceramics 19-21 July Waterperry Gardens
  • Flowers September 29, 2016 - I have not written for a while, and it could mean that my creative journey has paused, on the contrary! I have been very active but inside my mind and mainly drawing sketching and painting in watercolours, journaling my life in my sketchbook everyday. At the back of my mind I am trying to understand … Read More
  • Packing for long journey May 6, 2016 - I have been busy lately making a big order for Xidibyu an online company in Shanghai. As usual the production was a bit stressful as the numbers of pots ready and in the makingĀ  kept moving. I never new if I had done them all until I actually lined all of them up on the … Read More
  • Sketching March 29, 2016 - It has a been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, I have not been away, but in a rethinking and expanding period. Already during university my colleagues and I noticed that familiar themes return in our practice cyclically but always at a higher more enriched level every time. I discover that I … Read More